How it works

We all know it takes a village to raise a baby. With the help of donations and volunteers we create Little Village Boxes and provide them to our distribution partners who give them to families in need.

1. Donations 


You select the financial amount you would like to donate – we have options for one-off, weekly or monthly donations. We also accept product donations. Check out our donate page to learn more. 

2. Little Village Boxes


Your donation goes directly towards us purchasing essential items for Little Village Boxes. For a full list of items that we include with in our boxes, see below.

3. Box distribution partners

Our Little Village connects with our box distribution network of midwives and other like-minded charities who identify, select and deliver Little Village Boxes to families who could benefit from a little extra support. Check out our amazing distribution partners below.

Ronald McDonald House Charity
Te Manawa o Hine

What’s in the box?

Little Village Boxes are filled with products for the little one, including:


Newborn nappies


Baby wipes


Sudocrem - for nappy rash


Bibs - for the spills (remember always take these off the little ones before you put them down for a sleep)


Woollen blanket - for keeping your little one warm & cosy


Woollen onsie, singlet, hat and booties - to make sure your little one has something warm to wear on their way home from the hospital


Bassinet sheet - for your little one to sleep & dream on


Pack of cloth nappies - can be used for spills, bassinet sheets and of course nappies


We've also included maternity and nursing pages to help Mum out.

Help a Cause

Our Little Village community was created to support New Zealand families. We supply free boxes of essential items to new parents who need a little extra support. Join Our Little Village by donating today.